Devoucoux Indoor-Derby

9th edition of the indoor cross ! 2024 edition

Riders engaged

An indoor Derby of a kind rarely held indoors, popularised by the Jumping International de Bordeaux and always a big hit with the local crowd

Held for the first time in France at the Jumping International de Bordeaux in 2014, as part of a high level sport competition, the indoor derby brings together the cream of eventing specialists for a challenge that always has the crowd on the edge of their seats.

The crowds are always big and enthusiastic for the Indoor Derby, a discipline which, along with show jumping, was one of the stars of the last Olympics!
Eventing usually takes place against vast natural backdrops, in beautiful locations such as the Domaine de Sers in Pau. The Indoor Derby takes that format and adapts it for maximum impact in an indoor setting.

The arena is converted into a course containing around twenty obstacles, in a configuration comparable to a traditional eventing course but scaled down to fit into the main arena, the practice arena and the corridor linking both. From end to end, the course covers around a kilometre. Many of the sport’s biggest names have tested and enjoyed this unique challenge, situated somewhere between an eventing cross-country course and a show jumping course.

At the 2023 edition, Champion Karim Florent LAGHOUAG once again topped the podium! This victory marked the fourth time that Karim has claimed the title with his trusty Punch de l’Esques AA. 

France’s riders were on fine form at the Rio Olympics in 2016, winning a team gold medal and an individual silver courtesy of Astier Nicolas. And in Tokyo in 2021 with a bronze medal

Many of those same athletes will be determined to shine in front of home crowds at the 2024 games in Paris.

1st place - Benjamin Massie et Cupidon du Cardonne - DEVOUCOUX Indoor Derby - ©ArtisteAssocie

2023 podium
  • 1ère place : Benjamin Massie et Cupidon du Cardonne
  • 2ème place : Michael Jung et Ignatz H
  • 3ème place : Quentin Faucheur et Rnh Mc Ustinov

Prize giving ceremony - Benjamin Massie and Cupidon du Cardonne - DEVOUCOUX Indoor Derby - ©ArtisteAssocie

The Honours Board
  • 2024 : Benjamin Massie et Cupidon du Cardonne
  • 2023 : Karim Florent LAGHOUAG, Punch de l’Esques AA
  • 2020 : Karim Florent LAGHOUAG, Punch de l’Esques AA
  • 2019 : Michael JUNG, Corazon Hann
  • 2018 : Michael JUNG, Corazon Hann
  • 2017 : Karim Florent LAGHOUAG, Punch de l’Esques AA
  • 2016 : Karim Florent LAGHOUAG, Punch de l’Esques AA
  • 2015: Karim Florent LAGHOUAG, Pegase du Tuc AA
  • 2014 : Eddy SANS, Nankin de la Hurie SF