Horseball Game

A unique horseball Game, presented by and for the Jumping International de Bordeaux!

What is horseball?


HORSEBALL - ©ArtisteAssocié

Horseball is a collective equestrian sport, invented in France at the end of the 1970s.

It is a reference throughout the world, as the French team is undefeated since the creation of international events in 1992: European and World champion. The French team brings back many gold medals every year!

A ball, 6 players per team, a 70x30m arena with 2 goals at the ends, do not keep the ball in your hands for more than 10 seconds, make 3 passes before you can score a goal, do not dismount to pick up the ball ... Simple rules for a simple goal : score as many goals as possible through attack and defense strategies.


HORSEBALL - ©ArtisteAssocié

To the speed of the horse is added the one of the ball... Goals, great collective actions, goals and more goals, speed and technicality... A true show!

Supporters, players and coaches qualify horseball as a "sport/spectacle", because its interest is also linked to its spectacular, fast and technical aspect.

The Jumping International de Bordeaux invited you to a unique encounter in a supercharged atmosphere!


Game Result

It was the Legends team that came out on top in a very entertaining game!

Match de Horseball - Remise des Prix - © Artiste Associé

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