"Nuit Ibérique" Show

“Nuit Ibérique”, an enchanting Iberian interlude

The Jumping International de Bordeaux is delighted to present “Nuit Ibérique”, a new show dedicated to Iberian horses, performed by three famous equestrian schools (Jerez, Lisbon and Saumur) together with the Hasta Luego troupe.

“Nuit Ibérique” will be performed just once, on 7th February, so come and discover these dancing horses with their air-borne gaits – the true stars of equestrian shows.

Let the show’s spectacular, novel staging, created by the masters of the discipline, reveal their full potential and grace.


Jerez - ©RBpresse

Over the past 45 years, the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez has promoted the reputation of Iberian breeds through the practice of equestrian art. The School is their temple and preserves Andalusian equestrian culture, as seen in the balletic performances enacted in period costume by its renowned trainers and their mounts.

The ‘Iberian Night’ show also includes a solo number from the Jerez School inspired by movements that form part of Grand Prix dressage events. Not surprisingly, Iberian breeds frequently excel in this Olympic discipline.

An authentic meeting amongst the three big schools of equestrian arts and a family of artists as well.


The Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Lisbon, with its world-famous ancestral equestrian tradition, will also be participating in “Nuit Ibérique”. This academy only uses the bay-coloured Lusitano horses of the Alter Real lineage.

Rhythm, tempo and co-ordination are the hallmarks of the tableau it will present in Bordeaux with its mythical pas-de-trois. The third and final academy to participate in this amazing evening will be the Cadre Noir from Saumur, whose legendary riding masters will perform an elegant number with long reins and their one Iberian horse.

In addition to the performances of these three major schools of equestrian arts, the family-run troupe Hasta Luego, heirs to the circus-performer tradition, will perform a number brought to us directly from the Iberian peninsula. The public cannot fail to be bowled over by this extraordinary, most magical of ballets freely executed without reins or any other form of restraint, in which an imperceptible link appears to unite man and horse.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening with family or friends, Hispanic music setting the tempo. Every place purchased comes with free entry to the Salon du Cheval in Bordeaux, valid for the duration of the event.

Nuit Ibérique

On Thursday 7th at 09:30pm, after a Jumping event at 08:00pm

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