The grand opening show!

Presented in two parts, this evening promises you a unique program, based on rhythm and poetry.

 Photos of the 2020 opening show

An evening of pure emotion on thursday 2 februay 2023

1st part : Jean-François PIGNON and his horses in freedom


Jean-François Pignon, artist and autodidact, will present his new show.

A true ode to beauty and grace, experience the enchantment of a 14-horses dance.

Part 2 : a breathtaking dressage battle !

©Christophe Bricot

For the second part of the evening, the elite of French dressage riders will knock down the codes of their discipline. Watch out ! Festive atmosphere, music, rhythm and energy, amateurs and neophytes will rediscover the values and technical skills of high-level dressage during these unique BATTLES.