Super As Poney Elite

Under the age of 18 and accompanied by their pony, they've all already grown up !!

Super As : the ponies excellence !

The riders, all under 18 years old, run with their ponies through a course made of dizzying jumps and requiring high technicality. The Jumping International Bordeaux was more than pleased to welcome these young talents especially after this class has received a new label: SUPER AS since 2018.

The SUPER AS circuit gather a few events, famous for their organizational skills and prestige. Its purpose is to support detection of riders and ponies ready for international events and for the composition of the France Pony team.


Podium 2024
Podium 2024 - Speed class
  • 1ère place : Brune Faivre et Qopper Der Lenn
  • 2ème place : Paul Barussaud et Vahine De Kergroix
  • 3ème place : Myla Moulin Teste et Ghannan Embets Tilia

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Podium 2024 - Grand Prix Excellence

They distinguished themselves : 

  • 1st place : Brune Faivre and Qopper Der Lenn
  • 2nd place : Gaetane Orhant and Gemini De Lalande
  • 3rd place : Zoe Marechal and Berlioz D'Henann

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