Club Cup Final by CRENA

The Final took place at Jumping International de Bordeaux on Thursday 1 February 2024, on the international track.

2024 podium

They distinguished themselves:

  • 1st place : Savennes Jump Endurance
  • 2nd place : Les écuries de Flamenac 1 
  • 3rd place : L'éperon de Corcet

1st place - SAVENNES JUMP ENDURANCE - Coupe des clubs by CRENA - ©Artiste Associé

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Club Cup Final by CRENA

The Regional equestrian committee of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in partnership with Jumping International de Bordeaux has organized a circuit for Club show jumping riders. The Club Cup is a team circuit for equestrian centers in the departments of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with qualifying stages held in each department. The Final has take place at Jumping International de Bordeaux, on Thursday February 1, 2024, on the international track.

Teams qualify in Club 1 GP events. The final was a team relay event (2 Club 1 riders & the teacher from the same equestrian center on 105).

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Rules for the Club Cup Final by CRENA 2024

The qualification circuit

At the end of the qualifying round, 24 teams will be selected for the final in Bordeaux, i.e. two teams per department. If a department is unable to field two teams, an additional team will be selected from the departments with the most members.

The qualification circuit will run from 09/09 to 12/18/2023. Each team qualifies on the stages of its own department.

If, and only if, your department does not offer 3 stages, it is possible to qualify in a neighboring department. You will need to notify your departmental committee so that it can take into account your results outside your home department.

The competitors

Each club may enter one or more teams of 2 licensed riders on the qualifying circuit. The club must declare the teams entered to its departmental committee before 09/03/2023. Should an equestrian center qualify several teams for the Final, a maximum of 2 teams will be selected (the 2 best).


Each result earns points for each rider according to the following scale:

1st : 20 points                7th : 9 points     

2nd : 17 points               8th : 7 points 

3rd : 15 points               9th : 5 points 

4th : 13 points               10th : 3 points 

5th : 12 points               11th : 2 points 

6th : 11 points               12th : 1 points

Points are awarded according to the event ranking. At the end of the circuit, the cumulative points will be used to establish a final team ranking (cumulative points for the 2 riders).

Points are accumulated by the rider (not the horse/rider pair). A rider may compete on the qualifying circuit with more than one horse.

In the event of a total tie for points in the same department, the best-placed teams on the computer list will be selected.

  • FFE licenses 2023 up to date and renewed 2024 by December 15 at the latest.
  • The 2 riders are licensed by the same FFE-affiliated riding school.
  • Team of 2 riders holding the LFC Club. Each rider must take part in a minimum of two Club 1 Grand Prix qualifying Club Cup events in their department. (If the team competes in more events, the two best scores will be used for ranking purposes).
  • There is no limit to the number of teams that can enter the qualification circuit. Should an equestrian center qualify more than 2 teams for the final, only the 2 best teams will be retained.
  • Teams participating in the final automatically qualify their teacher.
  • Any change in team composition will result in points being reset to zero.
  • A rider can only be part of one team.
  • Riders enter the qualifying stages via FFE SIF.
  • If the Club 1 GP event is fully booked, registration is made directly with the organizer.
  • Ponies/Horses aged 6 and over.
  • Pony/horse identification booklet required (vaccinations up to date).
  • For the final, a horse can only compete in one team.

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Contact and information (Finals only)

Marion ALDEBERT - Secrétariat concours

Tél : 06 65 26 68 14