Results for Friday 2 February

Discover the winners of Day 2

ANTARÈS Partners’ Championship – Team Final

They distinguished themselves:

1st place : Domaine de Didone

2nd place : Tchanque Hotel indigo Bordeaux

3rd place :  La Cave à Titoune


Prize giving ceremony - Team final - Championnat Antares - ©ArtisteAssocie

Super As Poney Elite by FLEX-ON® – Speed class

They distinguished themselves:

  • 1st place : Brune Faivre and Qopper Der Lenn
  • 2nd place : Paul Barussaud and Vahine De Kergroix
  • 3rd place : Myla Moulin Teste and Ghannan Embets Tilia

Prize giving ceremony - Brune Faivre and Qopper Der Lenn - Super As Poney Elite by FLEX-ON ® - Speed class - ©ArtisteAssocie


CSI5*W - Prix BEAM

They distinguished themselves:

  • 1st place : Julien Gonin  and Valou du Lys
  • 2sd place : Therese Soehol Henriksen and Iron Maiden
  • 3rd place : Isabella Russekoff and Balou's Fly High

Prize giving ceremony - Julien Gonin and Valou du Lys -CSI5*W - Prix BEAM - ©ArtisteAssocie



They distinguished themselves during a match against  L'Ecurie de St SELVE : THE LEGENDES

Remise des prix - Horseball - ©ArtisteAssocie



They distinguished themselves:

  • 1st place : Harry Charles  and Billabong du Roumois
  • 2sd place : Roger Yves Bost and Ballerine du Vilpion
  • 3rd place : Steve Guerdat and Looping Luna

Prize giving ceremony- Harry Charles and Billabong du Roumois- CSI5*W - Prix FFE GENERALI - ©ArtisteAssocie

DEVOUCOUX Indoor Derby

They distinguished themselves:

  • 1st place : Benjamin Massie and Cupidon du Cardonne
  • 2nd place : Michael Jung and Ignatz H
  • 3rd place : Quentin Faucheur and Rnh Mc Ustinov

Prize giving ceremony - Benjamin Massie and Cupidon du Cardonne - DEVOUCOUX Indoor Derby - ©ArtisteAssocie