Prize list : LONGINES FEI Jumping World Cup™

Find the prize list of the Bordeaux stage!

  • 2020
    Steve Guerdat wins with Victorio Des Frotards
  • 2019
    Daniel Deusser finishes top of the podium with Tobago Z
  • 2018
    Pieter Devos triumphed with Espoir.
  • 2017
    Julien Epaillard wins with Quatrin de la Roque.
  • 2016
    Kevin Staut triumphed with Rêveur de Hurtebise*HDC.
  • 2015
    This new edition will have been marked by the victory of the Irish young person Bertram Allen. A phenomenon, a machine to win who shook the world of the show jumping. He realized in Bordeaux a very beautiful performance by leaving the German tenors in more than one second behind him. 
  • 2014
    The edition of 2014 was a great moment of jumping marked by the triumph of the virtuoso German Marcus Ehning and the majestic Cornado.
  • 2013
    The color of this Jumping was the ones of the Germany with the win of the German Hans-Dieter Dreher, with Magnus Roméo and the same time, his place in the final of Göteborg : « Yes, France seems to bring me luck, » has he said victorious.
  • 2012
    This new edition crown the French rider Kevin Staut and Silvana before an audience of 6700 spectators. The emotion has overtaken over the sport emotion: "we feel that something is happening around the French jumping obstacles," pounded the winner of the event. In thirty-four editions, this is the tenth time a French triumph in Bordeaux.
  • 2011
    For the edition of 2011, the German Philipp Weishaupt (always with the stalon Catoki) took a revenge the saturday night in Bordeaux, by winning the 33th edition of the french stage of the Rolex FEI world cup.
  • 2010
    This year, it's Marcus Ehning and Leconte 6 who won this stage. An incredible scénario: Frank Rothenberger, the ringmaster, announced the color during the presentation of his journey to the press: "In Leipzig, I had sixteen without fail, this time I wanted to rectify and it is probably the most difficult course of the season that I built here. "So it is a true champion Bordeaux that stage the World Cup spent Saturday night.
  • 2009
    This year was the one of the "King Albert". Because after his victory on friday, Albert Zoer flied over the world cup. After a hard fall from a horse, the Bordeaux step Rolex FEI World CupTM was his first major success since his accident.
  • 2008
    For ROLEX FEI WORLD Grand Prix Cuptm (which celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the World Cup in Bordeaux) it's Gerco Schröder who has foiled an infernal online. That which led to a blue and white oxer triple. A highly technical matter that will have eliminated nearly three-quarters of the riders in the first inning and it was on this same passage that was decided victory in the dam.
  • 2007
    "They all called Michel." Michel Robert. Michel Hécart. Two fifties that this Saturday evening in February 2007 in Bordeaux have given pride to the team of France and, nose and beard of 13 of the 15 world's best!
  • 2006
    In the new hall of the Exhibition Centre, no one could predict the astonishing trifecta this FEI World Cup 2006: Italian Juan-Carlos Garcia, Gregory Oberson of Switzerland and Sweden's Helena Lundbäck!
    Grand Prix Land Rover with German strength ... Marcus Ehning, taking the title with the same mare Gitania, the "specialist" of the Grand Prix de Bordeaux, Franke Sloothaak and Lars Nieberg have emerged!
  • 2005
    Hubert Bourdy (FRA) and Eve des Etisses win the stage of the FEI World Cup – Grand Prix Sony Ericsson 2005.
    Marcus Ehning (GER) with Gitana win the "Grand Prix Land Rover 2005".
  • 2004
    Rodrigo Pessoa (Brésil) and Baloubet du Rouet win the FEI World cup 2004.
    Patrice Delaveau (France) and Envoyé Spécial win the "Grand Prix du Jumping de Bordeaux 2004".
  • 2003
    It's the Dutchman Jan Tops will be the winner of the event World Cup 2003. Jumping which was also marked by the moving farewell ceremony dedicated to the fabulous horse ridden by Franke Sloothaak "Joli Coeur". A well deserved after a fabulous athletic career retirement.
  • 2002
    Fot the second year, Franke Sloothaak and Joli Coeur win the "Grand Prix du Jumping de Bordeaux".
    Olivier Jouanneteau (France) and Ueleme win the FEI World Cup.
  • 2001
    An exceptionnal year: Otto Becker (Dobel's Cento) stopped the clock at one-hundredth of his predecessor, Switzerland Melliger (Calavaro V)! But who could think Ludo Philippaerts (Parco) was immediately afterwards sign exactly the same time as the Swiss? Yet that's what happened. Such a scenario has happened only once in 23 year history of the World Cup! Finally, in 2001 it is the prospect of the final of the World Cup 2002
  • 2000
    The 25th anniversary is marked by a standing ovation for John Whitaker and his companion of 20 years.
  • 1999
    Despite the withdrawal of Volvo after the final in Helsinki (April 98), the World Cup continues its journey. In July, Francois De La Giroday sign the new contract between the organizers to FEI 98/99 season. Bordeaux keep the label "FEI World Cup." Bordeaux is host: the final of the "Global Standards". Franke Sloothaak and Joly Coeur (ALL) won.
  • 1998
    Franke Sloothaak and Joly Coeur (ALL)
  • 1997
    Wout Jan Van Der Schans won.
  • 1996
    The Jumping is back to the Exhibition Centre, in Hall 2. The englishman Nick Skelton won the price with Dollar Girl.
  • 1995
    Interruption due to the establishment of a new organization.
  • 1994
    For the first time since 20 years, the International Jumping of Bordeaux doesn't occur. Handover between Marquis Bertrand Du Vivier et the chariman of Comité des Expositions de Bordeaux, Michel Sammarcelli.
  • 1993
    Last Jumping in Stadium. Winners : Michael Whitaker et Two Step (GBR)
  • 1992
    Roger-Yves Bost and Norton de Rhuys (FRA)
  • 1991
    Michel Robert won.
  • 1990
    It's the french Roger-Yves Bost who is on the Podium.
  • 1989
    First step in the Stadium. Hubert Bourdy took the World cup points.
  • 1988
    The Jumping left the Exhibition Centre. The winner was the German Franke Sloothaak.
  • 1986
    Pierre Durand and Jappeloup triumphed.
  • 1984 & 1985
    John Whitaker won with Milton.
  • 1983
    It was the Austrian Thomas Fruehmann who won it, and in 87.
  • 1979
    First french win in World cup in Bordeaux with Hervé Godignon et Giran.
  • 1978
    The Volvo World cup was created and made stpos in Bordeaux. Belgian Christian Huysegoms was the first winner in Bordeaux
  • 1973
    Emeric Couperie created the Jumping International de Bordeaux, an international vocation.